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Monday, February 08, 2010


This quilt has been in a cedar trunk for over 40 years. Other than that, I have no idea how old it is. I have pictured a stain I found. The stitches have come out on some of the edges. Baby blue backside. $50

Made prior to 1960 by my grandmother. Twin bedspread. Small spot pictured. I have not tried to wash it out, as I have hard water & don't want to dull the fabric. It has been stored in a cedar chest for 40+ years. $40

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Toys, blocks, Fisher Price Little People/Animals Sets

All toys come from a smoke-free, but pet owning home (cats, dog, parrot). All toys are in excellent, clean condition.
Cash, please.

Pop-Onz suitcase building set: includes watchtower parts & a monkey with his tree. $5

Princess sleeping bag with blow-up mattress that slips inside a sheath on the back. $5

Mega Blocs Castle complete as bought- 50 pieces $15

large selection of Mega Blocs & people $20

Leap Pad in Green
Power Touch in Pink
Each comes with several books & cartridges (Not pictured.)
Write Board in Orange comes with unused papers from original set.
Batteries not included, but available for testing.
$10 each

Tonka Firetruck with action sounds $5
Batteries not included, but available for testing.

Talking & moving digger guy $5
Cat truck with music & action sounds $5
smaller diggers 1 free with each purchase.
Batteries not included, but available for testing.

Hot wheels case full of cars + extras $15

Carnival: musical ferris wheel, whirling swing ride (behind to the left) and 2 carnival "fences." Includes 3 boys, 1 girl & clown. Excellent condition. $10

Airplane with tourist & pilot Good condition $5

Farm with farmer & wheelbarrow, 3 pink pigs, 4 cows, dalmation & brown puppies, 2 horses, 2 sheep, 2 goats, hay elevator, barn, pump, market bin, manger, 2 feed bins, corn stalk, grain sack & Little Tykes musical stock truck. $20. Great set in excellent condition.

Musical zoo with fish bucket, apple bin, monkey (attached & in yellow window), polar bear, elephant, lion, bluebird & seal. Extras include Taz, kangaroo, bunny, Thumper bunny, extra lion. Not pictured, but included, Little People veterinarian. $10 Excellent condition.

Fantasy set with dragon, prince & princess with royal horses, fairy godmother, unicorn & baby, & 2 castle fences. $10 excellent condition

Musical circus train with keeper, tiger, giraffe, & parrot. $10 Excellent condition.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Vodka dispenser

$20 Unique, very clean - 2 gallons?

Hoffman Original Decanter- Hound trees Raccoon

$30 repaired

Spode " Pets Farm" child's set

Perfect condition, bowl, plate & mug. $40

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

2 Stackable double cage units

These cages are very solid, constructed of chickenwire & wood.
The ceilings are chickenwire & bases are solid wood platforms.
They were used for small dogs & cats when we ran a kennel.
Each double unit measures 8 feet wide,30.5 inches deep and 30.5 inches tall.
Stacked, they are 61 inches tall.